Shotgun Ballistics Every Gun Owner Should Know

If you own a shotgun for home defense, you really should know shotgun ballistics and what your weapon and ammunition is going to shotgun ballisticsdo inside your home.

Check out this good video we found.



Nice video to make you aware of what happens when you shoot a shotgun inside a house.

As they mention the key is to be aware and trained with what you have.

Make sure you get the download on patterning your shotgun – Click here.


  1. Great video! I run a candy cane load in mine starting with a beanbag round. Not sure I’d be shooting steel that close though.

  2. Bad advice to use a bird shot. That will not stop an assailant. You don;t want to give the other person a chance to return fire. With a bird shot you definitely are going to give him/her a chance to return fire. I understand your concern about the neighbor or even the people within your own house. but the likelihood of hitting someone else than the perpetrator is a lot less than have him him return fire once shot with a bird shot.

    • Well, how’s about you stand 15′ in front of me and I’ll shoot you with a birdshot load, just so you’ll fully appreciate what a crap load it is. What’s that, you no thanks? Hmm, I’m confused …as are you.

  3. I like a home reload…string some large split-shot on piano wire and repackage into the shell case , fold over top and your ready to rock.

  4. i shoot in excess of 30 thousand rounds a year threw a shotgun, this was a good test for people that dont have a clue. alls u need is a light 712 shot load at close range it will stop any person in his tracks at 12 feet
    and will only go threw 1 sheet of wall board

  5. I bought some BB size split shot to try and load. I’m guessing 3/4 oz in a 20ga or 7/8 or 1 oz in a 12ga at 1000fps would be a good load. Max distance maybe 30 feet, but most likely 15 feet or less.

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