The Ruger 10/22 for Home Defense

ruger 10/22 for home defense

A good choice when looking for a rifle is the Ruger 10/22 for home defense. Now I wouldn't want to hold off the zombie hoard with it. I would much rather have an AK or an AR-15 for that. At the same time, the Ruger 10/22 is a great general purpose weapon to have around the house to teach the kids to shoot with or have it for the wife to use to reach out and touch someone farther out than a pistol will do.

Ruger 10/22s are great for beginners, not a lot of recoil or muzzle flash inside a building. There's always the debate about the 22 round. Well a hit in the chest with a 22 is always better than a miss with a 5.56. It's a good beginner gun, plain and simple.

Today we are going with two videos. One with an intro to the gun itself and another that discusses the 22 LR for home defense.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the Ruger 10/22.



  1. Steve Dawson says:

    With a BX25 Magazine it’s lots of stopping power.

  2. den blacksmith says:

    THANK YOU. !!!! Finally, somebody else besides me gets it. If you get shot with a 22, you’re not just going to shake it off. If you get shot 5 times, you’re going down. Get shot 10 times with a 22, you arent getting back up again….ever. That is of course assuming one of the preceding shots didn’t hit something important. How long does it take to crack off 10 rounds from a 10/22 ? A little less than 2 seconds. It also looks pretty good in court if you can say you defended yourself with a low powered rifle rather than the biggest cannon you could find.

    • Your comment simply isn’t correct. I have personally seen a guy shot 4 times in the center of the torso with 5.56 mm and keep walking around for about 10 min before he finally dropped. Yes someone shot with .22 will die eventually but they might have a few seconds to get to you still or perhaps fire off a shot themselves. This is a fantastic weapon but for home defense something a little larger would be better. Perhaps a shotgun which makes it hard to miss or spend some time at the range until you can use something larger. Personally if someone is breaking into my house I would pick a 9mm over 5.56 after seeing it in action.

  3. A .22is ok if that is all you have. Self defense teachers usually say start at .38 or 9mm. Any pistol is underpowers compared to a rifle. Most rifles used forself defense are underpowered compared to a shotgun. If 12 guage is too hard to handle try a 20 guage, still more potent than a small caliber rifle. But still a hit with a .38 is better tha a miss with something bigger. The key is the biggest caliber you can handle competently and practice practice practice. The El Presidente drill is two shots to the body center and 1 shot to the head in under 3 seconds is fair. This should start at 5 feet and then move back to approximately 15 yards with 100% accuracy and still 3 seconds. The 2 to the body and 1 to the head allows for a perp. wearing illegal body armor.

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