Range Tip for Women (and Everyone)

Range Tip for Women (and Everyone)range tip

When you ask a lot of women why they don't like shooting, you'll hear, “It's too loud,” quite a bit.

Noise or too much noise can be a problem for children out on the range too. In reality, a beginner just hasn't ever experienced a firearm going off right next to them.  If you shoot in indoor ranges, the sound is even louder.

Even if the gunfire doesn't startle you, you will want to protect your hearing as much as possible.

Well, you can overcome this by double-plugging as we used to call it in the military.

Use foam ear plugs and a good set of headphone hearing protection.

Here's a good video that explains this and gives you a couple more range tips to for getting beginners started.


  1. I was put off from going to the shooting range with my husband due to the noise, too. I don’t want to lose my hearing! This is a good idea to double-plug, though. You provided a lot of other good tips too. Thank you for the advice :)

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