The Old boys Have Some Points for Home Defense- Part 1 (Preventing Home Invasion Robberies and Assaults)

This is a guest post by Carr Mohr

The weather was nasty and the TV was spewing mindless chatter so I jumped in the truck and went down to visit the boys preventing home invasion robberiesat the gun shop. The big pot bellied stove was warming the place nicely the “boys” were sitting around warm coffees in hand and as usual arguing up a storm about something. I took my mug down from its hook and pored myself a cup of black nectar grabbed my seat and immediately immersed myself in years of gun lore and practical shooting experience.

Preventing Home Invasion Robberies and Assaults

The topic under discussion was home invasion assaults and what was the best way to handle them. As usual I assumed my place as the moderator and tried to bring some order out of the chaos.

Fat Bob started off with the statement location had a lot to do with home self defense. He said he would never live in a house that was right on the road. He wanted to be able to see the road but he wanted a good 100 foot back from the road with a gravel driveway. I asked him why and he said gravel made noise and noise woke his dogs and his dogs then barked waking him and gave him a chance to reply to a threat. The Sage naturally jumped on this and said it was all dependent on how much Fat Bob had consumed the night before.

Slim, who honestly may have been at one time but wasn't any longer, chimed in that it seemed to him these things were taking place more in the late afternoon or mid morning now. And while it used to be kind of stealthy now it was much more along the lines of smash and grab and if anyone was home oh well just mow then down or strong arm them out of the way. So the group as a whole agreed that anyone entering your house uninvited in this day and age must be considered hostile with intent to do bodily harm or worse to you.

Fat Bob keeping with his train of thought of the exterior had a lot to do with keeping the castle safe also commented on shrubs. He said he kept the bushes by his property cut low and away from the windows so he didn't give cover to a bad guy or guys. After some remarks about the females didn't always like it but it made sense and one or two remarks about Fat Bob being a lousy gardener anyway it was agreed cover for the bad guys was bad.

Lou said the two biggest external influences were the external lights around the property and Good locks on the doors. The sage jumped in on this and said both were important but the motion sensors on some home lighting systems lead people to ignore them. After all in rural areas a stray dog a deer a bear or even the ever present raccoon created enough motion to trigger the lights and after a bit homeowners ignored them. He also said something very wise, “We ain't Mayberry no longer.”

The best lock is useless if it isn't used. Maybe when we were kids we could leave the doors unlocked because the only people who would pop in were neighbors but today the best lock in the world is useless if you don't throw it closed. I thought about that one some and honestly never saw Sheriff Andy once have to investigate a violent crime. I piped up about leaving garage doors open and everyone jumped in on that one. If you drive through any rural area there will be at least 30% of the houses with the garage doors open. Which not only gives access to the bad guy but shields him from view from neighbors or patrolling deputies.

So we covered the exterior problem quite a bit. (part 2 to follow) the guys go after the miracle of the alarm companies.


  1. Dialing 911 is nearly useless.
    At 03:23 AM on Dec. 14, 2010 we heard a knock on our front door.
    Not anticipating visitors at that hour, we didn’t answer, but dialed 911!
    While my wife was on the phone with 911 the knocking became pounding.
    Meanwhile I pulled out three [3] handguns.
    As knocking intensified I took a position in the dressing room so I could see the door.
    The 911 operator had disconnected for reasons we don’t know, [because someone’s banging on the door at 3:30 AM isn’t a crime?].
    We called 911 a second time when the banging turned to kicking.
    About the time 911 answered he broke through the front door.
    I popped out from cover and shouted “on the floor NOW or die!”
    He immediately complied by laying spreadeagle on the floor.
    Wife told the 911 operator: “he’s inside and my husband has him at gunpoint.”
    Dispatcher asks: “is he black, white or hispanic?”, as if that mattered to us.
    I shouted “I don’t know but if he moves he’ll be dead, get a cop in here NOW!!”
    Everytime he so much as twitched I shouted “Move and DIE!!!”
    I tried to cock the gun, and found it had a hammer lock and was locked.
    I had locked it as a result of the “rules” of the Clinton “gun control” era and had forgotten to unlock it.
    Upon discovering this error, I immediately called out: “Bring me that other gun too.”
    When seconds count the police are only minutes away.
    It took another three [3] minutes after 911 knew I had a gun on him for police to arrive.
    Who knows what might have transpired if we weren’t armed.
    I was still standing over him with my gun trained on him when they cuffed him.
    Thankfully there were no bloodstains or brown streaks {shit} to clean up.
    A detective arrived after patrolmen hauled him away and said: “When I heard You had him at gunpoint, all I could say was ‘YES!’.”
    We learned that he is a twenty [20] year old, who had nineteen [19] outstanding warrants for traffic violations and failure to appear for court.
    When I asked why he wasn’t in jail, I was told: “We don’t have time to chase misdemeanor offenders”.

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