How to Manage Recoil

how to manage recoilIt would be really easy if when you shot a gun it just didn't move. The trouble is that it doesn't.

You have to learn how to manage recoil. Now recoil isn't something you have to be afraid of. You just have to acknowledge it's going to occur and learn to handle it or manage it.

We found a great video that talks about recoil, what causes it, how to introduce a new shooter to it and what to incorporate in your training to manage it.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments your recoil management tips.


  1. Jeffery Williams says:

    Thank you for this !!! I will share this with my wife.She is a new shooter, and now I can use your information, to help her be more comfortable. She was putting a “death grip” on the weapon, and now I can show her the proper way.

  2. An important aspect of recoil was not addressed, as it applies to semiautomatic pistols. A proper amount of resistance must be applied against the recoil to insure consistent cycling of the next round. If the slide doesn’t have proper support during recoil, the next round often mis-feeds from the magazine. The slide must travel rearward far enough and against a firm resistance to eject the spent casing and pick up a fresh round from the magazine.

  3. Good ideas for showing new shooters.

  4. Here is another great video showing some tips on recoil management!

  5. very well explained, I will have this new shooter I know watch the info you guys put out.

  6. Geat Video…Im having a CCDW class in a week and I’d like to implement this vidoe into it. Thank You so much.

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