How to Keep Your Rifle Healthy

“I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready.”how to maintain your rifle

excerpt from the Rifleman's Creed

We found a good video on how to maintain your rifle.  This touches on a couple points on proper barrel and action cleaning that you don't hear much about.

* You really need a stationary vise to keep it in place.

* Make sure you get the right size brush for your caliber.

* Use the right amount of oil and run a dry patch through the barrel before you shoot it. Defense type guns run well with a lot of oil. A bolt action rifle with a nice wood stock will need much less oil It will not only make a mess of the rifle and risk poor cold weather performance, you will also ruin the stock – the wood will soak up the oil.

Check out the video and let us know any tips you have for keeping your rifle healthy.

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  1. I lube my RRA M4ish a very small amount of CLP by placing a few drops on a pipe cleaner and running it down the four bearing surfaces on the bolt carrier, around the cam pin and cam pin hole, gas rings, and a little on the sides and top of the charging handle where it rubs. I shoot almost entirely suppressed (which deposits more carbon in the receiver) and have gone 800 rounds or so without cleaning or lubrication. If you’re taking a carbine course or kicking in doors down range where your weapon will get dragged through moon dust, then you’ll need more. If your rifle is for home defense duty, less is better. Too much lube gets splattered around and the last thing you want in a fight is an eye full of CLP.

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