Grip, Stance and Sight Picture for Women

grip, stance, and sight picture

Of course everyone knows that women have different body types than men. That's why a man's grip, stance and sight picture might not work for a woman.

We found a great intro video for women that walks through some of the issues and has some great tips in it.

Go ahead and check it out had let us know what you think in the comments.

If you want a good intro course to shooting for women, check out the Personal Protection Guide For Women.


  1. I appreciate the sentiment here, but the title is VERY misleading. This video, which I have watched three times, does not address “Grip, Stance and Sight Picture for Women”. It is merely a well done advertisement for Babes with Bullets. I am all for what they stand for…I have two grown daughters whom I have assisted in getting their Texas CHLs and also tactical training. I also teach basic pistol classes. With the exception of slight modifications for age and heath reasons, I see no gender based criteria for a special “Grip, Stance and Sight Picture for Women”. The fundamentals are the same for man and women. Watch Kay & Jerry Miculek…there is no difference in the way they approach handgun shooting.

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