Can I Use Deadly Force to Defend My Home?

deadly force

Using deadly force is a situation I don't wish on anyone. Deciding when to is a decision you are going to have to make in a matter of seconds if not quicker.

You can though prep yourself before such a situation comes up. First and foremost make sure you thoroughly understand your local laws. Different states and even different cities and counties have very different laws and interpretations of what is allowed.

Next, you have to know the difference between could and should in using deadly force. Just because the law might not convict you doesn't mean you should always take the shot. We found a great video that walks you through this. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think in the comments.


  1. Absolutely agree…exactly what I teach my students as well…

  2. I do know the laws for my state.People has to decide what;s best for theirselves.If someone broke into my home and they had a gun,i won’t ask or say anything,i will do my best to shoot them.I will not give anyone any chances at all toi hurt me or my family in my home.

  3. Excellent points. We should avoid shooting someone if we possibly can. Even if we are justified, the aftermath of shooting someone is many times a nightmare. TV shows and movies make us believe shooting someone is glamourous and without consequences.

  4. sorry. i dont agree. you are in my house uninvited, you get shot. i dont give a fuck about any law otherwise. i protect myself and family and friends and property. fuck the law. im my law

  5. I agree with you totally. Why risk potential legal and privacy invading post shooting investigations if you do not have to. If the police determine that your shooting must be investigated they could possibly take all your firearms while they try and prosecute you.

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