Beginner’s Guide to Going to the Range

Going to the range for the first time can be intimidating. Some things, such as waving your weapon around will get you kicked off the range. Other things, like not bringing the proper equipment will just make for a wasted trip.

Pistol Shooting from the Prone Position

Shooting from the prone position is a skill you should work on. You don’t see a lot of people on the range practicing it.

Tactical Reloads

Do you practice tactical reloads with your semi auto pistol? What I am talking about is reloading before the weapon goes dry when the time and opportunity presents itself.

Safe Shooting Backstops

When planning your home defense it is critical to plan safe shooting backstops. Remember the rules of gun safety and especially Rule 4 – Be Sure of Your Target

Introduction to Sight Alignment

Sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control are the keys to hitting what you are aiming at.

How to Make Good Cheap Shooting Targets

Going out to the range can be expensive enough with the cost of ammo and the range fees. You want some good cheap targets to bring along with you. We found a great video on how to make excellent silhouette type targets for about $0.20 instead of a dollar each.

How Many Rounds for Concealed Carry?

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester How many rounds for concealed carry? Carrying a handgun in a daily basis is one of the surest ways to guarantee your personal safety. A concealed firearm gives you a tremendous advantage in surprise and as a force multiplier when confronted with a threat of death or […]

Active Shooter – How to Defend Others

Being in an active shooter incident is horrifying enough; just think about being in one with your family members or other people we care about.

A Good Source for Free Targets

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts If you train with your firearms for defense, you likely shoot at a lot of silhouette targets. It’s not like targets are particularly expensive, but free is always better, so here’s a way to score some free targets.

Stay Alert Stay Alive

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Stay Alert Stay Alive When we deploy with our Special Response Team, prior to creating a breach point or a dynamic entry, they deploy (usually several) distraction devices to cover the movements, and to confuse the direction of the intrusion. A distracted opponent makes it easy to […]

How to Conduct Home Defense in the Dark

Home defense in the middle of the night takes on a whole different aspect. Normally you want to barricade yourself with your weapon and just call the police. However if you have children or someone else in another part of the house you will want to make sure they are safe.

Teaching Others to Shoot Safely

You take on additional responsibility when you teach others to shoot. Part of that is learning how to shoot safely for both them, you and others on the range.

Is It Really Necessary to Trick Out Your Gun?

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts Why trick out a gun? There is a tendency for folks to hang all manner of accessories on a gun until it looks like it fell through a Tapco catalog. Is all that really necessary? Is it even useful? What characteristics should a home defense gun have? […]

Handloads for Home Defense?

Can you use handloads for home defense? – .223 Hornady 55 gr Soft Point This is a guest post by Andrew Betts A lot of folks hand load for range use, hunting, emergency preps, and yes, for home defense. Contrary to what certain shills might tell you to generate magazine advertisement revenue, the universe won’t […]

Trusting Your Intuition

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Trusting Your Intuition Everyone is equipped with a unique early warning radar deep inside of them that has been described many different ways. Some call it a “gut feeling,” others call it, “instinct,” or a “sixth sense.” Regardless of the name you assign it, and for the […]

Drawing from a Holster

To get good at drawing from a holster you need consistency. You want to do the same thing every time.

How to Be More Aware

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Anticipation Behavior Your eyes feed a constant stream of data to your brain allowing you to perceive events that occurred micro seconds in the past. Yes, you are all living in the past and there is scientific proof! Your eyes gather the light reflecting off of objects […]

Choosing the Right Ammo

  This is a guest post by Andrew Betts The AR-15 family of rifles is a fantastic weapon system for home defense. It is lightweight (before you add a scope, bipod, rails, vertical foregrip, laser, fuzzy dice, and curb feelers), the ergonomics are very well thought out and easy to learn, it is reliable, low […]

Doing a CCW Check

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Doing a Pre-Flight CCW Check If you carry a (semi-auto) handgun on a daily basis, you need to remember that it is a finely tuned machine that requires a certain amount of maintenance and care to function. We want to make sure we take proper care of […]

Should You Buy a Laser for a Pistol

Should you buy a laser for a pistol, especially a home defense gun? I get that question a lot. Well, I have to say that I am pretty much old school. I never got used to using one. I shot a lot slower trying to get the laser on target rather than picking up a […]

Close Quarter Shooting

When you are up close and personal to the threat, you really need to have your close quarter shooting techniques down. The last thing you want is for the threat to injure you, take your gun away or even you shooting yourself.

Purses for Concealed Carry

There are a lot of people who don’t advocate purses for concealed carry. I understand the thinking. It is easy to have the purse taken from you. At the same time, a lot of times women wear clothing (or lack of clothing) that makes it darn near impossible to carry on the body.

How to Choose a First Handgun for a Woman

If you are looking for a first handgun for a woman, you have a lot of choices. To make a good decision you have to know what you are planning to use it for.

How to Shoot Better

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Stare – Study – Steal In the majority of my articles I discuss the importance of training, reasons why you need to train regularly, and how to find quality trainers. While taking a course from a local certified instructor is very important, as is practicing what you […]

What to Carry in Your Range Bag

by Home Defense Gun Staffer Pat What to Carry in Your Range Bag Introduction: One of my favorite ways to spend a day off is at one of the sand and gravel pits which a local farmer very kindly opens to the public as a shooting range. I like to go with one or two […]

How to Load a Magazine

Now how to load a magazine might seem like something you don’t have to think about when going out to the range. If you want to get full value out of your training time and money, then you should read this and watch the video we found.