Carrying a Handgun in Your House

One of the most dangerous types of robbery scenarios for a homeowner is a home invasion type of situation. In these instances, armed intruders enter the home and intimidate the homeowner and their family until they get Holstered gunwhat they want. Unfortunately, they often leave members of the household injured or murdered in their wake.

In a recent news story a homeowner was the subject of such a strong-arm robbery. The homeowner was a gun owner who kept several firearms for self-defense. Unfortunately, the firearms were left on a bedroom nightstand and none were in his possession when he was accosted in his living room.

All too often this is the case with people who keep a firearm for self-defense. They may carry concealed religiously in public, but fall into a sense of complacency when they return to their homes and leave their firearm in a safe or on a nightstand.

The best way to prepare for this type of scenario is carrying a handgun in the house.


One of the reasons most gun owners do not carry in the home is due to the lack of comfort of wearing a holstered firearm when they are relaxing. This is usually an equipment issue that can be overcome by changing holsters. An inside the waistband type of holster may not be comfortable to wear while seated in front of a TV or otherwise relaxing at home. In such cases a shoulder holster can be worn instead or a smaller handgun can be carried in an appropriate pocket holster.

Even if the handgun carried in question is a small caliber that may be considered marginal for neutralizing a threat, it can prove to be very effective at fighting your way to a larger handgun or long gun in the home that is more suitable for repelling boarders.


Another reason to carry inside the house is the matter of safety.  First a handgun on your body is not going to find its way into a toddler's hands or the hands of a child friend of the family.  If the gun isn't on your body, it needs to be secured which will delay your access to it when you need it.

Also in the safety mode is the idea that you put on the gun when you get dressed in the morning and take it off when you put on your pajamas. Read the article on Dropping Your Gun.  The less you mess with your piece will reduce the change of dropping it, misplacing it or “forgetting it” when you just head down to the neighborhood store.

Ignore the myths

A common and persistent myth is that a home invader need only hear the sound of a shotgun action racking a round into the chamber or see a red laser dot superimposed on their chest to make them flee in terror. These may work in the case of a burglar stumbling into what he thought was a vacant home and is only looking for an escape route. Chances are, if you are subject to a real home invasion, that the invaders will not be so easily dissuaded. More often than not, they may be targeting your home because they know that you have firearms and they may be anticipating a fight.

Should that be the case, be prepared to go all the way when it comes to taking the fight to the intruders. Simply displaying a handgun, a laser or racking a shotgun’s action will not always dissuade the most hardened types who will more than likely be your assailants.

Paranoia or Preparedness

Some people scoff at the notion as they believe (and rightfully so) that their home is their “castle”. Some go as far as to scoff at those who carry in the home thinking that they may be paranoid. Yet, the gun owners who have ended up as victims would probably welcome the thought of carrying in their home if they had the opportunity.

There is often an air of superiority carried by fellow gun owners when it comes to carrying in the home that borders on ridicule. Such persons will say: “What are you expecting, a home invasion or zombie attack?”

The simplest way to dismiss these conversations is to answer their question with one of your own, such as: “Do you have a fire extinguisher in your house because you plan on burning it down?”

There is no shame in being prepared. There is a difference between carrying your firearm in the house and sitting in a makeshift bunker wearing Threat Level IIIIA body armor, a gas mask and helmet while having a loaded select fire BAR (Browning automatic rifle) at the ready with an Uzi pistol in a shoulder holster and cameras monitoring your doors and windows 24 hours a day.

Keeping the appropriate level of awareness goes hand-in-hand with preparedness when it comes to the safety of you and your family.

Do you carry in the house? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I wear my gun all day whether out away from the house, or relaxing on the couch. My holster is IWB and doesn’t bother me at all to keep it on until I go to bed. If anyone asks me why I carry, I just tell them it’s like having auto insurance. You don’t want to have to use it, but if you need it, you have it.

    • Home Defense Gun says:

      I had a Facebook fan tell me that because of the Facebook page, they started carrying in the house and shortly thereafter had a home invasion event. Carrying the piece prevented it from going bad.

    • Well said. What is the difference If I carry a hammer on a tool belt. I would rather bring a gun to a gun fight than a hammer. It is a tool.

  2. A little clarification: very few people know I carry.

  3. Been preaching this for years. If its not instantly accessible 24 hours a day, its worthless.

  4. Very well put. I understand and have always understood. More people need too.

  5. I have yet to even find a holster I am comfortable with in public, we bought one and when I stood up out of my car the gun almost fell out. I keep my piece next to me in the living room, but not on me. I just talked to my husband now about finding a holster I can really wear.

    • Any, look for crossbreed holsters online. My fiancé and I both have their Super Tuck concealed carry holster and have the standard J-clips on them. I have a Ruger SR40c that I wear comfortably with that and no one knows I even have it on me. All their holsters are hand made and form fitted. Worth every penny spent and the most comfortable holster around. Our friends have gotten them too! Hope this helps!

    • I tried a few and settled on the Max tuck from White Hat Holsters. A few mods to the clips and it is very comfy and safe. Good luck.

      • I use the max tuck white hat holster as well!!
        IWB I find it very comfortable.
        I have it on while driving,sitting in this chair right now…or watching tv.
        I can fall a sleep in the chair with it on…it’s that great!

      • I wear the White Hat Max Tuck all day. I got it for my Ruger SR9c and it works for my SR1911 and Walther PPQ. A good holster!!

    • If you are looking for a good holster look around your town. I went to a gun shop and had one molded specifically for my gun. It is a Ruger LC9. Very thin and fits snugly to my waist. It will not fall out. They also molded me two extra magazine pouches. Love it and very comfortable around the house all the time.


  7. It is better to have and not need than to need and not have!

    Len Dozois

  8. Rick Stewart says:

    My wife’s ex carried openly in the house. It made her nervous because he was a violent and disturbed man. I am an ex-cop that never carried in the house because of this and my concern for the kids.Your article however brought up some points that I had never thought of before.

    • I can see your concern Rick. If there was a violent disturbed man in the house packing then I would be nervous too. But for the rest of us sane people wanting too protect our families I think it is wise. Not everyone is for it but me personally I think it is a great deterrent and peace of mind knowing that I have an option to defend myself and family.

  9. I haven’t in the past, but after this article definitely going to revamp! Thanks for posting!

  10. Chuck (Louie) Webber says:

    I keep it on me except to sleep, and then its very close.

  11. The only time my firearm is not on me is when I am sitting at my desk, but my firearm is in a holster under the desk so it is still within arms reach and when I get up it comes with me.

  12. I put it on when I get dressed and it stays on until I go to bed at night. The only time I handle it is when I have to go into a place where I cannot legally carry. As for comfort, I don’t want it to be so comfortable that I forget that I have it on, even at home. I wear mostly OWB but there are some occasions when IWB is preferred. The location and cant are the same so my habits remain the same. The key to comfort is a good, quality gun belt and a good holster of kydex or leather.No nylon.

  13. I carry constantly. I have fire extinguishers throughout the house and garage. I am not paranoid. I am not fearful. I am not expecting trouble or a fire. I AM PREPARED.

  14. SE Henaghan says:

    newbie gun owner here, no holster yet so I hand-carry it from room to room. why? when the WH trespasser ordered border agents NOT to detail or question border-crossers, I bought a gun within the month! I live alone w/in 40 miles of TX-MX border, older female, classic target.

  15. Angel Fontanez says:

    I have it on me morning noon and night.

  16. I always carry in my house. When I go to bed it’s on my night stand. When I go into a bank or other prohibited place I lock it in my car. No sense in having a firearm and not being able to use it if needed.

  17. I carry at home all the time. I use a shoulder holster mostly and the occasional serpa paddle. I won’t be caught without it.

  18. I had never thought of carry in the house but your article made me rethink that habit. Thanks.

  19. Joe Dozpat says:

    Great updates, thanks. I carry all the time at home. I use several different holsters for comfort and security.

  20. I keep a hot Ruger LCP in my pants pocket at all times. Whether or not I am carrying IWB or OWB with another pistol. If I were to be asked to “give me your money”, they would be in for a surprise. I keep it in a IWB Galco holster and use my index finger on the belt clip to separate the pistol from the holster as I draw from my pocket. I practice this draw daily. I don’t believe any criminal would ever expect you to pull a pistol out of your pocket. I find it to be very comfortable.

  21. Adam Jankos says:

    While I was sleeping a guy broke my passenger side window of my car, the noise woke me up, I looked out the window and saw him entering my car. I have a gun safe next to my bed and grabbed my gloc 19. Went out my front door and held him at gun point. I told him to get on the ground and he dove out the shattered window, he stood up with his hands in the air and said ” your going to have to kill me”……(what do you say or do?)

    • Home Defense Gun says:

      You need to know the laws in your area. I for one, would not want to shoot someone who was not a threat to me or my family.

      First thing I would do is call 911 to get police on the way. Second, I would block the entrance to the house to prevent re entry and be hyper vigilant in case he wasn’t alone.

      • I agree. When I got my CCW permit and went to the training, the Sheriff said if they are coming to steal, let them steal and call 911. Deadly force is only justifiable if you or your loved ones or someone around you has their life in imminent danger.

  22. I carry all the time,,,,,unless I am in my recliner in front of the boob tube,,, then I have a magnet holder under the table by the recliner that can not be seen by anyone coming into the room, always handy and easier to access than a holster from a sitting position.

  23. Hell yeah I do! Even when lounging in my pajama pants I’ll throw my belt on over them (often over my t-shirt like it’s tucked in) with my full sized semi auto in a Bianchi holster. Still comfortable to relax yet still armed with 18 hollow points at the ready. A small drawback is the belt wants to free float up when you draw the weapon since there are no belt loops retaining it but that’s easily accounted for with a little downforce of the drawing hand’s thumb. Far outweighs having no gun at all!

  24. AJ Jensen says:

    I have a fire extinguisher. I just don’t walk around with it all day. Neither do I carry my gun all the time in my house. A few case examples of sudden home invasions just doesn’t constitute enough risk, to be worth 24 hour carry.

    • I respect your opinion. Where I live is in gangland and the crime rate is high. I have had to many incidents so for me it is a ritual to carry at home.

  25. I carry all day. Sits on my table next to me or concealed when I go out in public.

  26. Mine is on my hip and ready to fire.

  27. Just went and got a gun.

  28. *if your gun is not loaded, chambered, cocked, and on you, then you might as well not even have one!

  29. I open carry in my home and outside on my property and concealed carry when out in public and usually carry at least one extra mag as well. At bedtime it is on a stand next to the bed.

  30. David Bell says:

    I wear my gun everyday at home and shopping and it comes to bed with me

  31. A gun upstairs in a safe or on the night stand is no good to you when you’re on the couch or in the kitchen and the door is getting kicked in… I carry my gun EVERYWHERE! even to the bathroom….

  32. No, but I will now. Single female living alone.

  33. I have a pistol on my hip right now with two mags! Everyone is in bed. All is good and no boogieman will want to come to my house tonight for tea and crumpets! I wear it like my clothes and watch. Concealed and comfortable.

    • Also if you do get one molded make sure you get the full loop belt clips. The ones I had the first time were half clips designed for quick release from the belt. They kept cracking because of the constant bending when you take it off. Fully attached loops are the way to go.

  34. Al Glock! says:

    Two Word’s Lock & Load!!!

  35. I use a Tactipac fusionpac holster with my lounge clothes and gym clothes. Does anyone have any other comfortable recommendations for something to keep concealed carry on my while I lounge without my young kids seeing that pops is carrying?

  36. Why do you wear a seat belt every time you drive somewhere? Are you expecting to get into an accident?

  37. Good article ! I’m bound at work so I have to leave it in the truck ! But as soon as I’m home it goes on and its on whenever my pants are ,besides work !…I’ve had to experiment with my holsters a little for max comfort but I totally chopped up my last $60 holster to make it a little better ! A gun in the closet or night stand is good for specific parts of home defense but sitting on the couch watching TV without your carry is like storing a fire extinguisher in the closet instead of the kitchen !

  38. My gun goes on my hip when I get dressed in the morning, stays there until I go to bed at night. And that’s when my other gun, equipped with hi lum light/laser, goes on the nightstand. Not paranoid, simply prepared just in case.

  39. I almost always am either carrying while at home or have a gun within reach.

  40. Oliver C Raines says:

    You buy a gun for protection, protection for not only yourself but of your family and property as well so why wouldn’t you carry at home? The safest place for my gun is on my person and the safest place for anyone not carrying is where ever I am. I’d also like to add that I carry at home even in my dreams.

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