The Best Home Defense Caliber for Women

best home defense caliber for women

We have a lot of women readers here on Home Defense Gun. One of the questions that get asked a lot is, “What is the best home defense caliber for a woman.”

Well the question isn't cut and dry. It depends on the body type of the woman, her hand size, her experience, her conditioning. Sounds a lot like the same sort of factors for a man, doesn't it?

We found a good video that goes through some of the weapons available out there with a woman giving her perspective of how it felt shooting it.

One thing I didn't like is her shooting the H&K machine pistol with the butt stock collapsed. If you are going to use a weapon like that, extend the stock and get a lot more accuracy out of it. You will see the weapon jerking all around as she shoots it.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments what you think.


  1. l think he should teach her proper grip for semi-autos. Why hasn’t she learned that already?

  2. My recommendation for a home firearm is a Bersa pistol in .380acp loaded with +P ammunition. This combination meets FBI specs and can also be carried on your person. It is also the least expensive pistol and very well made. There are other makes, of course, but this is a good rational recommendation. Good luck at your dealer.

  3. If we don’t want the cliche’s to be applied to gun owners we might reconsider doing a video dressed like a hot brass magnet on the way to a wet tee shirt contest…..

  4. I appreciated her showing us that a woman can handle most guns and to not be afraid of the caliber. However, she was not dressed appropriately for shooting, as evidenced by the brass flying into her chest. You should be wearing a high collared shirt and a hat. While she is a beautiful women, there is a time and place to flaunt it.

  5. “ideal gun for long range” what is your definition of long range?

  6. Okay I don’t have to watch the video to know it’s crap. He immediately starts out saying the 5.56 round is the best round for self defense. I don’t even like talking about defensive guns because when bullets start flying you’re now in an offensive position. Defensive would be laying prone picking off targets 1000 yards off before they can even approach you to return fire.

  7. Her opinions are invalid. I stared at her tits the whole time. If this was suppose to serious, she should have dressed approximately. Looks and sounds like he was coaching her on what to say and did not sound like her opinion. And he should give her more training where grip and stance is concerned.

  8. To the author, it was a sig not an h&k. It was a pistol. Not a machine pistol. Legally you cannot attach a buttstock without filing an sbr conversion with a tax stamp. Please stop spreading misnomers for the anti’s to use. You’re not doing any favors for gun owners.

  9. As a gun owner and an experienced woman shooter, I disagree completely. I keep a Taurus Judge by the bed. It’s heavy enough to counter any excessive recoil and with the defender round, it has enough stopping power to do a good job in case of home invasion. There’s also a pump shotgun within reach in case it’s needed. Long range, I prefer the 22-250. It’s flat and fast. My Tikka is quite deadly up to about 500 yards.

  10. Cynthia Lowe says:

    Seriously, you expected this video to be taken seriously?

  11. Dan Jeppers says:

    The best caliber is the one you going to put in your gun, and defend yourself when that time comes! Does not matter what caliber you use it’s all about using your gun to defend yourself. DUH!

  12. i have been training my wife with a smaller model 9 mm and she has become quite comfortable and proficcient with it on a man silowet target at 21 feet she keeps them all in the kill zone. So we are both comfortable with her using it as a homedefense weapon. Personally i use a 40

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