What to Do With a Bedside Gun

bedside gun

What should you do with a bedside gun?

The idea of having a bedside gun so that if you hear a bump in the night you can clear the house sounds good. It's just not very practical or safe.

We found a good video from Clint Smith who talks about what you should do with your bedside gun.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think in the comments.


  1. keep it on your person. problem solved. http://www.smartcarry.com/

  2. Pierre Ferron says:

    Sound advice from someone with experience.

  3. Cling I live in Rural Area. No Police after 10pm to 8am. My concern is burglar in outbuildings. Sure they have 360′ degree lighting and alarm to wake me up. My plan is go outside and find out what is going on. I use 9mm pistol and plan on AR15 later on or Shotgun. Calling 911 is a waste of time. By the time they wake someone and have them drive here they are long gone.

  4. What do you think about a book to hold your gun? Like these…. http://www.freehollowbooks.com/books/control.php?category=Gun

  5. Sounds like great advice!

  6. I do keep pistol in headboard cabinet. But went to shotgun with 700L light. Hate to go out and find Big Pussy Cat (Cougar). Lots more chance of getting new fur coat that way. (just kidding, hopefully it goes the other way).

  7. RetiredGunPilot says:

    I keep a pistol in the nightstand drawer without a round in the chamber. I have younger kids and am not concerned because they are not physically capable of racking the slide.

  8. I got to tell you I have listened to this video several times because before I would of cleared the house no matter what. This is really good advice and I carry almost 24/7. NOW, I will avoid as much confrontation as possible.
    Ole DW

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