How to Survive a 911 Call

Make sure you survive the 911 call.911 call

Let's say that you are a home homeowner and had to take deadly force to eliminate a threat to you and your family. How bad would it be if you called the police and did not survive the police call or ended up being arrested and charged for something you did during the call to the police?

We found a great video that talks about how to call the police after you have to shoot someone. It doesn't matter if this occurred inside your home or on the road. The video's points cover most situations.

Important points – don't disturb the crime scene, holster or put down your gun before the police arrive, follow the police's instructions to the letter.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think in the comments.


  1. My recommendation for surviving a Home burglary,911 call or a Police raid of your home, NEVER EVER go to the front of the house taking an offensive position. Go to a back room where you have your guns, keep the door open and hiden behind a bed or something. Holler out and tell whomever iof you come closer, you are dead. IF its the Police, call 911 and ask the 911 operator what the cops name thats in your house, the operator and the person there better give the same answer. You can replace property, you cannot replace your life and the way Cops are busting through doors these days, if you run to defend your home, you will be KILLED and they will never thinka bout you another day.

  2. graywolf257 says:

    good instructions, however, in calling emergency he confessed to the shooting, he probably should say there has been a shooting at and give location
    there is a need for police and emt send help immediately

  3. Big question I have.since I’m deaf since birth and can’t hear phone. And can’t talk to 911 or police. I’m a ltc holder . What would b the best way for me to do if this ever happen?

  4. Mitzi Levi McEvoy says:

    Would holstering the gun be the best move? Or would lying it out on the ground away from your body be the safest move? Or would telling the police that you have holstered your gun be a smart move?

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