5 Top Guns for Home Defense

home defense

The question always comes up, “Which gun is best for home defense?”

The answer, as with a lot of things, “It depends.”

Then usually you get the next question, What type of gun is best for home defense?”

Once again, “It depends.”  At least this time we can give you some info on what might be best for your situation.

Paul Harrell made a good video where he goes through 5 types of guns and how or why they might be the one for your home defense.


Photo Credit – Paul Harrell via youtube.com


  1. This is one of the best home defence videos I have seen so far. I get the point, thank you. I am better of than I thought.

  2. Michael Cull says:

    Excellent video!
    Mr Paul Harrell comes across very well!
    Does he have other videos?

  3. Starts off by saying you need something without safeties, hammers, or bolts to manipulate in the dark or while being awakened. Then he lists three of the five which break this rule?

  4. i in fact have most of the weapons you have shown but instead of using my 12 ga i like the 20 ga better in 870 remy . i can get real quicker follow up shot if it would be needed. i also have a kel tec sub 2000 in 9mm that takes the same mags as my 19 which can use the larger model 22 mags same reason you have beretta overall this is a very darn good video and plan on having several friends look at it suggestion ( if you have not already done so )a show on explaining that it might be better to be staying in a room with family members and not going out to blast away at the home invader (S), keep a light and phone in bedroom with you and call 911 asap .you can replace your property also the legality of shooting someone who has your property and is running out your door may not be legal to shoot as the threat to do you harm is not present. sry so long again great video

  5. Arthur Lim says:

    Great, sound advices, even for a person (like me) who don’t need firearm protection at where I live. Thank you.

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