7 Tips to Choosing Compact Handguns

This is a guest post by Joseph Gleason compact handguns

Choosing a handgun is a very personal decision. One that only you can decide as it needs to perfectly fit in your hand, be small and light enough for you to carry. There are a lot of options out there so here are some tips to help you choose one. It could be a daunting experience if this is your first gun.[Continue Reading…]

Choosing the Best Home Defense Optic to Protect You

This is a guest post by Christina Doidge

You are sleeping its midnight and suddenly you hear the dogs barking and a sound coming from inside your home. You get up half asleep and take your firearm. You slowly start moving towards the sound but you have a problem its dark and you cannot see who is roaming freely around in your home. Many people face the same type of scenario when there is a home invasion taking place.[Continue Reading…]

West Virginia vs. Florida Gun Laws

This is a guest post by Katey Hart Overview This week we will be comparing West Virginia and Florida gun laws. West Virginia and Florida both score high on gun rights. … [Continue reading]

Nevada vs. California Gun Laws

This is a guest post by Katey Hart Overview While California and Nevada may be neighbors their gun laws are strikingly different.  You should exercise more caution if you are from Nevada going to California with your firearms because gun laws in … [Continue reading]

Top Five Facts Gun Control Advocates Hate

Gun Control

This is a guest post by George Wauchope, from Guns For Sale Reviews Website.Anti-gun groups in America are constantly trying to erode the fundamental right to bear arms. Simply put, they don't want citizens to be able to defend themselves. … [Continue reading]

The Myth of “Over Penetration”

Over Penetration

This is a guest post by Andrew BettsI didn’t stutter. Garbage. Baloney. Hooey. Hogwash. The notion of “over penetration” has been circulated a great deal. It’s been repeated again and again by gun counter know-it-alls and 1st Interwebz Division … [Continue reading]

How Safe is to Carry a Concealed Carry Handbag?

This is a guest post by Lisa MeganWomen love their handbags more than anything else exists in this world. It's just not an customary bag for them in fact, they consider it as the essential part of their body. The trend of carrying concealed carry … [Continue reading]

Maryland Vs. Tennessee Gun Laws

Overview This week we will be comparing Maryland and Tennessee gun laws. These two states are quite different in how they handle their handgun regulations, assault style weapons, secure weapon storage and many other firearm issues. We will highlight … [Continue reading]

When is a Gimmick Not a Gimmick?

gimmick ammo

This is a guest post by Andrew BettsLehigh Defense is well known for producing gimmick pistol ammunition like the Controlled Fracturing Hollow Point as well as their Extreme Defender and Extreme Penetrator which are based on specious claims about … [Continue reading]

Red Dot Sights for Home Defense

red dot

This is a guest post by Gary FretwellHave you ever considered getting a red dot sight for home defense?If not, you probably should. … [Continue reading]

10 Ways to Protect Your Loved Ones During Home Invasion

home invasion

This is a guest post by Rose CabreraHome invasion is a terrifying situation for anyone. Aside from the terror it gives, it can also lead to beatings, rape or the loss of a loved one. While preventive measures are essential, it’s also important … [Continue reading]

Does Birdshot Turn Into a Slug at Close Range?


This is a guest post by Andrew BettsFor some reason, people desperately want birdshot to be suitable for home defense. They will come up with all manner of excuses to make that work. … [Continue reading]

Your AR-15 is Incomplete Without the Right Optic

AR Optics

This a guest post Let's be real - you need the right AR Optic for your AR-15. Good thing we're sharing how to pick the scope that hits the mark here. The AR-15 often gets a bad name. Most people don't realize that the AR does not stand for assault … [Continue reading]

Concealed Carry Fashion Show 2017

concealed carry fashion show

This is a guest post by Tarra StoddardIt has been all over the news the last few years how more and more women are buying and using guns in the United States. There has also been a surge in women only shooting groups. Gun Powder Gals, founded by … [Continue reading]

4 Easy-To-Implement Tips To Improve Your Home’s Defense

home defense

This is a guest post by Jeffery NelsonYou knowing you need to secure your home but you aren’t sure what exactly to do first. Step one is understanding the risk is real and taking action. … [Continue reading]

Choosing Firearm For Home Defense And Hunting

This is a guest post by Kevin Steffey Probably the only subject to generate more squabbles than politics is the endless discussion of what qualifies as the best firearm for home defense and hunting. If you are considering purchasing a firearm, … [Continue reading]

Georgia vs. Alabama Gun Laws

gun law

OverviewThis week we are comparing two neighboring states:  Alabama and Georgia.   Both states are good states for gun owners as neither state requires registration or permits to purchase firearms.    … [Continue reading]

Cheap Russian .308 Win for Home Defense?!?

This is a guest post by Andrew BettsThat’s insane, right? .308 Win is a ridiculous choice for home defense because it penetrates way too deeply and cheap Russian ammo is just garbage. Right? Except, what if that wasn’t actually the case? What if … [Continue reading]

The VMAX bullet

vmax bullet

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts The VMAX Bullet - Don’t Judge a Book by its CoverSometimes something that looks pretty decent on the surface turns out to be not so great. A .300 AAC loaded with 110 gr VMAX should perform pretty … [Continue reading]

How to Keep your Guns Safe: Invest in a Locks and a Locksmith

Today gun ownership is a basic American right. Some 300 million firearms are owned by private American citizens in the US‐ i.e. around one gun for every man, woman and child in America, or nearly one third of the US population owns on gun or more. … [Continue reading]

Is Steel Armor Useless?

This is a guest post by Andrew BettsOver the past few years, a variety of companies have started making level III steel armor plates for very affordable prices. Purchasers of these plates have met harsh criticism on the gun forums because level … [Continue reading]

Gun Law Comparison: Florida vs. Colorado

This is the first post of a weekly series comparing gun laws in different states.OverviewNeither states require permits to purchase, nor do they have gun registration requirements.  Both states require a concealed carry permit for handguns. … [Continue reading]

Powerful Guns to Try During Your First Shooting Range Experience

gun range

This is a guest post by John HomanGoing to the gun range for the first time can be a little intimidating, but knowing what guns you want to shoot and doing some research beforehand can help assuage your doubts and prepare you for what’s ahead. If … [Continue reading]

How Important Is Bore Lapping?

bore lapping

Bore lapping is an old technique that is used to help make bore cleaning easier, make it less likely to foul, and to improve overall accuracy. Bores can be uneven and rough in the inside of the cylinder, even fresh from the factory. Bore lapping is a … [Continue reading]

Safe Buying Guide

This is a guest post by Scott MichaelsBuying Guide:This is our very detailed buying guide for all types of gun safes. If you don't like our top picks or want to buy from the local market, just follow those things. 1) … [Continue reading]

Are Crossbows Good for Home Defense?

This is a guest post by Brandon CoxAre crossbows good for home defense? Did that make you giggle? While crossbows might not be anyone's weapon of choice, it doesn't mean it has no merit when it comes to home defense. There are plenty of people … [Continue reading]